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Happy :)


Hey guys,
So, I’m moving countries! Omg. And it takes SO much cleaning.  (Or maybe moving isn’t actually supposed to take cleaning – maybe I am finally anti-crastinating.) And so many goodbyes.  And so much packing and planning.  And so much cleaning.  Dang.  (And a lot of eBook preparation.)  Anyway, so sorry I have been so incommunicado with you lately.  I will be back and excited by the end of August I hope!  Please stick with me through my slow month, and have a great mois mort as the french say!  
Dayna @kaleidoscopebrain


This video, Wonderland, is real-er portrayal of life working in the creative industry (film, advertising, graphic design, computer animation, etc.).  Super fascinating, and not always uplifting, but I watched it, and then watched it again – if that’s saying anything.


Raining Colour for Lanvin

Lanvin, Paris 2012 lanvin,jul17-2013

IMAGES: here  // here

Check out more from these displays here // here // here .

Cerise Doucède Portrait Series

I have a new computer. Hallelujah I say! I am not going to pretend that it was some travesty that my ‘r’ and ‘f’ and ‘4’ key weren’t working, but the random black screen was putting a damper on my log of display design / exhibition design / art installations / inspiration blogging. And it was putting a damper on your reading, probably.

Today I have an extra special treat. A while back I encountered this fabulous photo-series by the photographer Cerise Doucède. When I talk about this series, I want to say that I’m showing you photography and portraiture, but then I want to say that its sculpture and installation work, and then I just want to say that it ‘crosses boundaries and disciplines‘ and is dang amazing. I love, I mean really, really love, this kind of photography. It is certainly not for everyone, but it seems so honest in fantasy-sort-of-way.

Do you ever fantasize? I don’t mean sexually fantasize (although, hello non-Thor Hemsworth! I heard you and Miley broke up and that you miss being the love interest on a show about an elephant princess…?), I mean life-fantasize. Do you ever pause what you are doing and wonder what it would be like if you were in another time or country? Or if you were dying or in love? (I feel like its a great inspiration exercise..) Or when things are monotonous at work, do you picture yourself breaking out in Hall & Oates? (That was a personal favorite fantasy of mine at work a couple years back..) I’m pretty sure that these photos are my favorite alternate-reality, photography fantasies realized.


There’s a great article on the series over at, and my favorite excerpt is this:

Usually, removing the strings that hold up objects is done in post-processing, but Doucède chose to leave them visible to create a bridge between reality and fiction. “Otherwise it’s just a fictional or fantastical photo and I didn’t want that…” she says.

I love that very important detail that although the series explores fantasy, it is distinctly real-life.


IMAGES: all from


What are your fantasies that you have in day-to-day life? Share your non-sexual fantasies below! (Wow, this post is so HBO edgy.)

Computer Eugoogly

(Zoolander reference.  Remember those?!)

My computer is in a coma phase right now, where it is half awake and half dead, but fully vegetable.  As a result, I haven’t had any access to Photoshop, which is giving me bits of withdrawal, and which is also preventing me from showing you guys some good design, installation work and art.:(  Until the new computer comes, please all bear with me and enjoy these more text-based posts.  I guess I will actually have to use my remaining skill and prowess at the written word, that I did not manage to lose to engineering (hopefully)….

Anyway, just wanted to point out to you guys two great cool things!

First of all, I’d like to give a thanks to my friend Helen for the shout out on her blog!  Hellen has 3 awesome blogs, herself:, and (I know. I make a hot mess on one blog, never mind managing 3!) One of her blogs documents her adventures travelling after graduating from university.   Her fashion-news blog is also pretty great, especially for those not so into the traditional fashion blogs, and she has a beautiful poetry blog.  She’s also an awesome blog friend, and she’s seriously an old soul, so if you think you’d be into them, check some of her blogs out at the links above!

Second of all, I wanted to refer you all to Demitri Martin‘s live show, If I (which you can find youtube).  It’s about an hour long but it is so fascinating, and funny, and inspiring.  In it, he talks about leaving Law School to be a comedian, his obsession with riddles and puzzles, and how he tried to optimize his happiness level.

ONE Year Old!! for This Kaleidoscope Body…

Today is my 1 year anniversary, and I have completed over 90 posts!  I am so thankful to all of you who came along for my journey and kept reading even through my long exam break-periods and my random weird talk.  I really feel as though I’ve made so many friends through this blog and I’m so grateful.  I also started using this blog as an inspiration journal, so I want to thank all the readers who don’t think those posts are crazy talk.

My goals for next year is to always provide better content, keep the blog more focused, post more of my work, get more followers and gather more comments.  I feel like this blog and I have grown so much from my first post, and I want to thank you so much for sticking by me and staying with me throughout this real life journey.  PIZZA CELEBRATION!

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