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Computer Eugoogly

(Zoolander reference.  Remember those?!)

My computer is in a coma phase right now, where it is half awake and half dead, but fully vegetable.  As a result, I haven’t had any access to Photoshop, which is giving me bits of withdrawal, and which is also preventing me from showing you guys some good design, installation work and art.:(  Until the new computer comes, please all bear with me and enjoy these more text-based posts.  I guess I will actually have to use my remaining skill and prowess at the written word, that I did not manage to lose to engineering (hopefully)….

Anyway, just wanted to point out to you guys two great cool things!

First of all, I’d like to give a thanks to my friend Helen for the shout out on her blog!  Hellen has 3 awesome blogs, herself:, and (I know. I make a hot mess on one blog, never mind managing 3!) One of her blogs documents her adventures travelling after graduating from university.   Her fashion-news blog is also pretty great, especially for those not so into the traditional fashion blogs, and she has a beautiful poetry blog.  She’s also an awesome blog friend, and she’s seriously an old soul, so if you think you’d be into them, check some of her blogs out at the links above!

Second of all, I wanted to refer you all to Demitri Martin‘s live show, If I (which you can find youtube).  It’s about an hour long but it is so fascinating, and funny, and inspiring.  In it, he talks about leaving Law School to be a comedian, his obsession with riddles and puzzles, and how he tried to optimize his happiness level.

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  1. Demitri Martin is one of my favorite comedians. Never has bad drawing been so funny.

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