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Computer Eugoogly

(Zoolander reference.  Remember those?!)

My computer is in a coma phase right now, where it is half awake and half dead, but fully vegetable.  As a result, I haven’t had any access to Photoshop, which is giving me bits of withdrawal, and which is also preventing me from showing you guys some good design, installation work and art.:(  Until the new computer comes, please all bear with me and enjoy these more text-based posts.  I guess I will actually have to use my remaining skill and prowess at the written word, that I did not manage to lose to engineering (hopefully)….

Anyway, just wanted to point out to you guys two great cool things!

First of all, I’d like to give a thanks to my friend Helen for the shout out on her blog!  Hellen has 3 awesome blogs, herself:, and (I know. I make a hot mess on one blog, never mind managing 3!) One of her blogs documents her adventures travelling after graduating from university.   Her fashion-news blog is also pretty great, especially for those not so into the traditional fashion blogs, and she has a beautiful poetry blog.  She’s also an awesome blog friend, and she’s seriously an old soul, so if you think you’d be into them, check some of her blogs out at the links above!

Second of all, I wanted to refer you all to Demitri Martin‘s live show, If I (which you can find youtube).  It’s about an hour long but it is so fascinating, and funny, and inspiring.  In it, he talks about leaving Law School to be a comedian, his obsession with riddles and puzzles, and how he tried to optimize his happiness level.

The Inspiring Blogger Award

The Inspiring Blogger Award

I have been nominated for Inspiring Blogger Award by sonuduggal, and I am totally honored. Thank you so much for nominating me for this wonderful award.

The rules are simple: You MUST do this…
1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

So here are 7 things about KaleidoscopeBrain :

1) I started this blog on my road from engineering student, to design grad student, and I am so proud to announce that I have gotten into to grad schools!!! WOO

2) I enjoy ‘practicing’ pretty much every single different type of fine art or design.  From crochet to sculpture work to fashion to film.

3) I love baking without pressure. :) While watching a bad tv show or listening to an awesome podcast.

4) Enjoy traveling and antique shopping/thrift hunting and photography.

5) I suck at most sports… mostly because I never did any sports growing up, except for the ones we did in gym class.

6) I like that, although I may not look it, I’m pretty tough.

7) I’d love to write a short film one day.

Choosing 15 other Blogger’s is really a difficult task.  Here are my 15 picks that apply to how I’m feeling today.  (No particular order, and I tried to make it a wide variety of big guys and little guys, and varying topics.) Enjoy!

1)  Truth and Cake

3) Seth Godin

4) The Middle Finger Project

5)  HeyLookAFellowWriter

6) Jackson Sees Georgia

7) Moddea

8) Swiss Miss

9) Quiet Cassandra

10) Chris Guillebeau

11) Alex Beadon Photography

12) Dezeen 

13) Smitten Kitchen

14) DesignLoveFest

14) 1000AwesomeThings

15) The Better Man Project

16) Style Bubble

Thank you all so much for inspiring me throughout my pursuits.


Dayna @KaleidoscopeBrain

These Aint No Dancin Shoes

Ever get in a blog rut?  I definitely got into a big one with this post! I wanted to show you guys some amazing larger-than-life shoes, and somehow….. BLOG PHOTOSHOP RUT. Anyway, these definitely aint no dancin shoes – these shoes are made for walkin.  To and from fashion week.

I obviously love over-the-top shoe design. Shoes are such an awesome combination of art, industrial design, fashion and architecture, and I always love looking for each one of those components in a high-fashion shoe.  These are some designs from one of my favorite shoe brand, United Nude.

I hope these give you some eye nourishment.


IMAGES: 1. here // 3. here // 4. here // 2. here

Want some more?  Here are some amazing shoes from Prada, Jeffery Campbell and Givenchy.

shoes4-mar3-2013IMAGES: 5. here // 6. here // 7. here // 8. here 

Link Round Up

Images: LAPDESK //  Eiko Ishioka work here, here, here // awesome people hanging out together (Louis Armstrong and Niels Bohr, Copenhagen, 1959).

1. Inspired by this post at plentyofcolor, I remembered how much I actually love really arty, well-done music videos (example: Violet Hill by Coldplay. Stops me dead every time.)  Example 2: Try by Pink.  I was really pleasantly surprised at how much I think she pushed herself in this, and it was just so gorgeous to watch the dance and the colors.  Indeed, as plentyofcolor says, such a powerful use of color.

2. Found via Swissmiss, I actually really love this Vool wooden laptop stand.  It is the only ‘lap-bed’ thing I have not thought was mostly useless! (if only because it would make such a beautiful cookbook holder if I never actually used it in bed… )

3. Eiko Ishioka : graphic designer turned costume artist.  If that alone doesn’t intrigue you, then her work should, cause its freakin amazing and outta site.  You can kinda see her background filter into her costume design in the way that each piece is SO well balanced and organized, and definitely has a graphic almost pop-arty aspect to it.  To me its only really the silhouette, structure and the fine detail that makes it feel of-the-period; the actual designs seem so modern to me. Also how well does she use texture and layering?!

4.  James Lipton’s Inside the Actor’s Studio with Will Smith here. So fascinating. (Also, who doesn’t love Inside the Actor’s Studio? Dumb people who hate movies. …. Also, anyone that gets creeped out by all those personal questions, I guess….)

5. Photos of awesome people hanging out together :) here. (Example, Louis Armstrong and Niels Bohr!)

tape,symbiosis,glid,-jan-6Images: GLIF // Wes Naman SCOTCH TAPE // WALID AZIZ.

6. The glif.  Started on Kickstarter, and an indie-manufactured design, the glif is a tripod Mount & Stand For iPhone 4/4S and 5.  Looks so awesome and has gotten such good reviews.  Especially with this shift in photography from huge DSLR to iphone, this looks like a good buy.  Buy it here.

7. Absolutely, simple amazement in a dance. Choreographed and danced by Matt Luck and Emma Portner. Music by Ben Howard and Yael Naim.  So personal and subtle, so relatable and I love the style of the choreography. The way he does the ‘carving you up alright’, and the way she does everything (especially the start), and the tenderness in the dance is awesome.  The music choice is so good, too. I just feel like a dance like this could not exist in any other time; as cliche as it sounds, it just feels very 2012 to me. here

8. “New Mexico-based photographer Wes Naman has created Scotch Tape, an ongoing portrait series of people’s faces contorted by invisible tape. Jakob Schiller recently featured the series on Wired Raw File where he spoke to Naman about the inspiration behind the project.”  Really inspired by this series. here

9. Watch these amazing bio-chem looking animations by the artist and medical illustrator, Walid Aziz.  Here‘s Symbiosis. (Hat tip to my friend Bobby for showing me his work!)

Happy Holiday Season


Hey Friends!

So, I will be back to posting regular again very soon, but I’ve been thinking about things, and I’ve decided that I’d like to reorganize the blog a bit. I still want to take you all through the process of my transition to industrial design student, but I’d like to make the blog a little more focused SO, I’ve decided to have some regular columns that I will promise to never, ever miss!

1) Once a month I will show you guys some photos and dets about all the projects I’ve been working on.
2) I will also do my link round-up once a month (I, like everyone, just see so much amazing stuff over the internet, I can’t not share it. By the way, if you are not already, follow me on pinterest, Foo’.).
3) AND once a month I’ve decided I’d like to do a post on an field/topic that I’d like to consider and explore in design, and maybe write a bit about it, or how it might be applied to certain project. I kinda really like this idea, and want to take this chance to explore those subtle feelings that everyone has, positive and negative, because I think it will give a opportunity for self-expression and reflection and maybe noticing the little, interesting stories and bits that are not talked about too much.

Get excited!


Links Round Up!

Woah! Hey guys! I am sorry I have been so out for so long! (Like 3 weeks long!) That exam was indeed killer, but we will see how it goes.. Anyway, I am back to school! And although there are so many inspiring and fun things here (sometimes I wake up and just think, “Is this my life? This is so awesome!?”), I need to STAY FOCUSED. That line under my blog name says that I am going from engineering to industrial design, and DAMN STRAIGHT I AM GOING TO DO IT. I am going to do it even if it kills me. (That is so intense! I did not mean to be that intense, but maybe like %87 of the intenseness. Wait, yes I did mean it to be that intense! I’m getting in, dammit!)

On an unrelated note, now that I’m back to school I made an observation about engineering classes:
It is so weird how for years and years, throughout high school and my general life I would not feel at all sheepish to wear the ‘flamboyant’ clothes that I did. White, slouchy, 80’s leather boots – I wore them in high school. Lacy pirate blouse – yep, own it.

Anyway, as a future artist/designer, that totally makes sense. BUT, these past few years, I kept asking myself “Why do I slowly end up dressing more boring in school?” And coming back after a summer of doing art, it is more obvious than ever! I’ve realized the reason of why I feel just can’t wear as crazy clothes in engineering classes: It just doesn’t ‘fit’/make sense to wear outfits that are high maintenance in those situations.

It is not because I’m not confident enough or because I feel I would be looked down on, or because my classmates wouldn’t understand it… (although they wouldn’t..) ..  It really is because it would just be so out of place, wearing something bothersome or unnecessary+bothersome in an engineering class. Therefore, crazy blouses – still wear them. Hair wax and tinted lip baum – yep. High heels (even wedges, comfortable heels, etc.) – can’t wear! Too high maintenance. Fussy clothes – I never feel comfortable wearing them in class.

NOTE: Engineering girls out there! This is just me! If you can wear fussy things to eng classes, DO IT!! Being young and wearing crazy clothes is so fun. OWN those heels. Also, this obviously does not pertain to working engineering girls. Boys wear shirts and ties. We can wear fussy outfits and wedges to work if we damn well please.

Anyway, since it is Monday, I will do the link round up that I would’ve posted on Friday! I hope you all enjoy!

1. John Steinbeck on Falling in Love: A 1958 Letter. “If it is right, it happens — The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away.”  Here, Brainpickings.

2. The Sartorialist did some work for the new coach line, and trust me, I would be the last to say this (Coach generally isn’t my style), but these bags are all pretty damn beautiful. With their natural colors and their worn-leather potential, and classic styles, and unisex-ish aesthetic, I actually am really loving them. AND they got smart and hired The Sartorialist, who obviously did an awesome job (watch the video!).  photo here.

3. Marchesa’s Spring 2013 line. Not usually a huge Marchesa fan (they do crazy beautiful stuff, but I feel like they are not really artists. They always have the exact same aesthetic, and although its very marketable, I feel like they are never actually doing something new) BUT, this line is actually kinda cool.  It was inspired by 1960’s and Indian fashion and colors, both of which I approve of! Beautiful colors/flowy fabric + anything 1960’s  —> I am there. (@honestlywtf) photo here.

4. In general, I LOVE Bri’s advice page. I feel like she is telling me secrets, that I really shouldn’t tell anyone cause they are too good.

5. I know everyone’s been talking about this book, but it looks really fascinating.  It Will Be Exhilarating was written by the guys who made Glif, the famous ipod/iphone tripod attachments.  They’ve launched two successful Kickstarter projects, being a part of the new era of independent hardware manufacturing.
“This book was written to offer guidance and inspiration for those charting a similar path, and covers topics such as running a small business, creating hardware products independently, launching a Kickstarter project, and tips for promoting your products. Everything is told through the lens of our own experience.” (@swissmiss)  photo here.

6. Been reading Girl Crush Magazine again, and man!, these girls are awesome! Check out Ariele Alasko who is a furniture designer in Brooklyn.  Coming from being a girl in mechanical engineering, RESPECT. Also, coming from a girl who loves well-made furniture… (umm, Industrial design much?)  Here‘s her blog!

7. DIY – sliced shades! here.

8. Kelli Anderson is one of my top personal and professional role models.  Here’s her TEDxPhoenix talk.

9. Cool colorful print called Coda, found here.

Link Round Up!

1. Vintage Vogue Magazine Covers From The Early 20th Century. here.
2. Deb from smitten kitchen posted this recipe for her favorite brownies, and trust, when she posts it, it is gonna be good. Everything I’ve ever made from her site has turned out awesome! Plus, she’s one of the most famous and oldest food bloggers around! here
3. A creative review of the 2012 London Olympics. (for me, really interesting.. ) here
4. According to Vanity Fair these are the most fashionable films of all time.  WaxWane did an interesting post about a film they may have forgotten..
5. I her first 3 days Tina Roth Eisenberg (one of my favorite lady crushes of ALL-TIME) surpassed her financial goal in kickstarter! DAMN STRAIGHT I want to support this! I’ve mentioned Creative Mornings videos a couple times on my blog already (here, here), because they really are so good (note: IF you’re interested in working in the creative industry). They also just have a great concept behind them: get the inspiring feeling of a conference more often! And for cheaper!  You can get to the Creative Mornings Website kickstarter page here.
6. This pinterest board called ‘SPACE’. Amazing uses of space and light, and some awesome installations, if I do say so myself.
7. This song. Bang Bang He Shot Me Down by Nancy Sinatra. It kills me..
8. The quote above was said by Seth Godin on The Great Discontent and was found viaSwissMiss.
For this quote I did not want to use any fancy fonts or any graphic design. I could not bear even to use color in the background.  It all just looked so wrong. I just wanted the quote to speak to the world and to any of my readers that may happen upon it.  For you all, Pick yourself.

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