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My Work! Drawing

Hey kids! So, I haven’t shown any of my work for a while on the blog, so I thought I’d post some stuff.

Here are some sketches and life drawings. (Note: RATED R! There are naked people! If that freaks you out, go take a bathroom break, get some hot chocolate, come back in a little bit. No bigs. It takes a little bit to get used to naked people.) Anyway, I love life drawing. It calms me down so much, and whatever approach you decide to work from, it always makes you see the world dramatically different (e.g. negative space drawing! contour! volumetric! focused body part! strong awareness of perspective! etc.). Also, when you do it a lot, you improve so quick. That is not always the case with some stuff…. I used to do chemistry a lot… did not get that much better at it.. Anyway, I always talk about drawing on this blog, I’m sure you all know I’d MARRY drawing if I could.

(Also, there are many, many other mediums that I love… I think just today, conte is definitely the best medium of all time)

Here are some of my favorite regular, ole’, daily sketches.

Anyway, any thoughts and feedback would always be appreciated!  I hope you all have a great Tuesday.

Art Installation: Aggravure by Baptiste Debombourg. Or Staplemania.

Baptiste Debombourg designed and created this amazing installation of  Italian Mannerists that is made up of over 450 000 staples.  This is one of my favorite installations that I have seen for quite a while.  To me, it is neither ‘minimal’ or maximal (which I love), and uses materials in such an effective and resourceful way.  When people re-use materials, although, yes the concept of recycling is pretty, I like it even more when the artist uses their material not for this reason, but for a more deliberate reason, based on their art.   Perhaps they chose the recycled material because that material was very accessible to them – maybe there existed a surplus of staples in this person’s life – or because they wanted to re-think an everyday material, or because they were sitting there, staring at the art in a staple, waiting for that art to explode outwards.  Here, I think the staple definitely adds to the effectiveness of the piece.

I love how work-intensive, and detailed or repetitive it looks and how intricate and romantic the overall piece is.  You could probably say that the material is at odds with the subject matter, but I don’t know if I think so.  I think they work together in a hidden way.  Like the short lines/strokes of the staples create hairs or cells in the shadows of the figures. Its like it is so reserved but has so much heart (kinda like what people say about the British…)

I also just love the contrasting scales of the staples and the large image.  So fascinating, and it makes the piece compelling at different distances.  I feel like, because of this, this piece would be amazing to see in-person.

Check his work out here: Aggravure by Baptiste Debombourg, Colossal, Neatorama Spotlight.

If you like this piece, check out Marcus Levine’s nail art installations! Its really, really cool, too. Here and here.

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