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Hey guys,
So, I’m moving countries! Omg. And it takes SO much cleaning.  (Or maybe moving isn’t actually supposed to take cleaning – maybe I am finally anti-crastinating.) And so many goodbyes.  And so much packing and planning.  And so much cleaning.  Dang.  (And a lot of eBook preparation.)  Anyway, so sorry I have been so incommunicado with you lately.  I will be back and excited by the end of August I hope!  Please stick with me through my slow month, and have a great mois mort as the french say!  
Dayna @kaleidoscopebrain

Comments on: "Moving!" (4)

  1. Good luck with the move! Can’t wait to hear about all your new adventures and design finds!

  2. charcoalblue said:

    Wow, I’m about to move country too. Going from Australia to Peru. Hope it all goes smoothly for you. I also wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for an award – this was before I saw how busy you are – here is the link

  3. I’m so jealous! This sounds so exciting!!

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