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Cloche Hats

My sister and I have always been huge fans of arty hats.  Obviously, basically because they are wearable sculpture art.
One of our favorite designers is Bahida Dolic, aka yellowfield7.  Her hats are just sculptural, fluid, art deco, flattering masterpieces.


IMAGES: all from Yellowfield7 etsy shop, here.

apr11-2013,hats-yellowfield71What is more edgy and romantic than a good cloche hat?  I chose to show them to you guys in this ’60’s-circular shape, just because I love how cloche hats and short bobs made such a comeback in the 1960’s, even though they are really a ’20’s-’30’s thing…

Students: Variety for Portfolio

( Hey dudes, just a warning: this week might be a bit shoddy with blog posts, since I have a killer exam next week and then some family stuff coming, but I will try to keep up as much as possible! )

Sup fellow students! So, we are going to talk about portfolios again today.
Although you should take my advice with a grain of salt, one thing that I think is really important to have in a portfolio, is a demonstration of a lot of different media.  When applying to art or design school I think that it is so important to show how your voice translates, your versatility, where your interests span to, that you are open to trying new things, that you are willing to go against your natural skills, etc., etc.  Also, I mean if it were me reading through hundreds of portfolios, it’d be nice to see a cool new media used every so often.  It wakes you up I think, and makes you re-think a product or material you may have forgotten about.

Anyway, here are some examples of types of media you should dabble in:

4) COMPUTER – graphic arts, solid modeling, whatever!
6) MIX 3-D & 2-D and TEXTILE ART


9) ETCC!!!

10) combo of all/some media ………….

drawing – Leonardo da Vinci here // paint – Happy Menocal here // collage – The Selby here  (ps: I know this isn’t really collage work, but it makes me think of collage, cause its a really well-chosen and well cut-out photo) // computer – Solid Modelling of USB Port here // sculpture – Rodin here // mix 3-d & 2-D  – Maranon here // writing – The Mavenist here // film – The Pleasure Of here

Traveling Into the Crevasse

Here is a work-in-progress that I have been working on for the past week or so. I am taking a part-time sculpture class at the moment to get my portfolio going, and so far it is totally working! Here’s a piece I am half done, for an assignment for class.

The challenge was to re-purpose a book into a sculptural piece. The piece I made is a book with a hand-cut, 3-dimentional crevasse running through the centre. It is made from an old encyclopedia, which was a bit heartbreaking to destroy, but I think worth it. Alas, art is pain.

To create the piece I used an exacto knife, plus 5 re-fill blades, and a piece of matt-board (to protect the pages underneath). Right now, I have cut through 437 pages, so only 163 left to go! (When its done I’ll post a picture, but ideally the crevasse will just continue throughout the pages.) Just a warning: If you are planning to do something similar, be sure to stock up on movies. The first 300 pages or so took more than two Wes Anderson movies to complete…

Anyway, the piece was created to give the idea of: interest and fascination in something most would find boring. Most people assume that no one reads about fluid mechanics or organic chemistry for fun. People assume that in-depth math and science is too dry for even those who are practiced scientists or engineers. But there are so many people who are passionate about science and math. For some people, math and science connects with them the way that an ink drawing never can.

People who read textbooks for interest’s sake exist! I find that because many of them may not be inclined towards the arts, their stories are never told to the masses. Anyway, this was my attempt to take something some may find boring – a resource, a text – and show the idea of engrossment and escapism even into this kind of a world. Scientists, engineers and mathematicians have hearts, too. And their fascinations are incredible.

Do you find something fascinating that no one else really gets? For me it was the arts and couture techniques and sculptural installations, in and around a world of engineers. Let me know in the comments below!

p.s. The title of this post is totally a 30 Rock reference. No bigs.

This Week’s Round Up

Photo is found here.

1. So, Etsy (if you haven’t heard of etsy, then I am super appalled.) has these amazing video series’. One is ‘Handmade Portraits’, another is ‘There’s no place like here’, etc. Anyway, they are all so fascinating and interesting and beautifully shot, to me. Anyway, since I was recently trying to re-scare myself into working on my art, I was looking up ID grad schools. When I was watching RISD videos, I came across this ‘No Place Like Here’ etsy video again that I hadn’t seen in a while, but it is so cool! …love RISD… AND I MUST GET IN…

2. Another great artist, is sculpture artist AJ Fosik! He makes these amazing 2-Dim -> turned 3-Dim pieces, reminiscent of chinese dragon costumes, and totally intriguing, different and fierce. Here’s an interview with him, too.

3. If you are looking for inspiration, or just want to look up the art available at a specific gallery, this (the Google Project) is so cool and useful. Great art resource.

4. I read this ages ago, but its so freakin’ funny and TRUTH! I had to post it: The NOGOODFORME Guide to Picking Up Girls. Ladies, how much does it annoy when a guy (OR ANY PERSON) or another lady, if you swing that way, lists their “Coolness Resume”? A “Coolness Resume” tots exists and I’ve had it listed to me SO MANY times I want to rip a carpets’ hair out. And then, after someone lists their “coolness resume”, you have to make yours up on the spot (or worse. you actually have one, too.), and we all know how last-minute resumes go. They have an oil stain on them and you don’t get the (well-dressed man) pro-job you deserve, but are maybe planning to turn down anyway cause he’s not that great of a talker.
This metaphor is getting weird. Anyway, I AM UNIMPRESSABLE! Just don’t do it.

Anyway, there are so many good parts of this post, but my favorite quote is:

“Do not list your “Coolness Resume”. Because it’s not going to work. I am unimpressable. When I meet you, I don’t want to hear you list off bolded points from your “coolness resume.” Why do people have to have coolness resumes? It’s such a big part of dating in 2010, and it’s so uncool. Coolness resumes are chock full of boring and pointless information I don’t care about such as: a semi-whimsical and poorly-executed description of the (weak) concept driving your rock band, worst-case-scenario segueing into some drivel regarding “your musical influences” (No musical influences. Never tell me your musical influences.), and just all the normal garbage that makes me want to walk home quickly and swear off men forever: who you know and where you go and bad art and how hard you partied last night. How hard you partied last night- that one’s the worst. I am so turned off by the contemporary impulse to try and encapsulate everything notable you’ve ever done/ all of your most captivating personality traits within the first four minutes of meeting someone you find somewhat attractive at a bar. Let’s just talk about what we did today and share funny anecdotes from our respective adolescences and discuss what foods we like to eat and what zodiac signs we are. I will figure out that you are cool in the long-run if I like you. (Laura Jane)”

5. I’m really sorry, plebians. Ira Glass two weeks in a row. Except I’m actually not sorry. His top picks from Boarders!

6. So, Readlist is “A group of web pages—articles, recipes, course materials, anything—bundled into an e-book you can send to your Kindle, iPad, or iPhone.”, and lucky for you and I, the amazing, extraordinary, cool Tina Roth-Eisenburg (aka swissmiss) has made her own Readlist for Students, which I am slowly savoring, absorbing and reading through.

7. One of my favorite artists ever is the famous Steve Powers. He is weird, and that is so normal. And he does not give an EF what the world thinks of his hair or his Love Letters to New York. EF ya Steve Powers!

8. Colin Jack is just such a fabulous illustrator. He’s so earnest and shy and real-childhood-y, and still fun and silly. This is one of my favorite’s of his. Also, this:

9. I have wanted this book since it came out. Basically, I have wanted this book forever. Even before I knew I wanted it. Fully, I am As deep. As. Stefan Stagmeister.  !

Enjoy! Happy Friday :)

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