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Photographing Your Work

Sup students! And non-students working on improving your portfolio!
I am starting to look into assembling my portfolio for grad school (AHHHHHHHHHH. crap!), and it actually took me a while to find any good sources for tips for photographing 2 D and 3D artwork for a portfolio! So, I thought I’d share them. Hopefully, these will be worth their virtual weight in gold.

I think this one is the best for overall-2D:

This one has a great trick for photographing drawings that I never thought of and breaks things down pretty well….:

Another useful 2D tutorial:

Shooting 3D!:

So, these videos teach you a lot about shooting the overall object or painting, but remember also that its important to get some process shots! AND, some detail shots if some areas aren’t easy to see from the overall shot. Also, these guys are super pros, and if you are applying to schools like me, remember that you are applying to be a student. Of course try to get the best pictures you can, but I don’t think its necessary to go out and buy a bunch of stuff. If you take your time and generally follow these tips, I’m sure you are off to a good start!

ANOTHER TIP: Best portfolio advice I ever had – design you portfolio like you would design a book. A real, photo-based book.  Meaning, think about the order in which people are going to view it, if you put it online or decide to bind it, make an interesting cover that is related to your work, but draws people in.  Think about photo layouts if you are showing some close up and think about chapters? If you are going to use text? Color schemes? Etc.

Anyway, I hope this has been helpful! Cheers,

ID: LAMPfest

The opposite of lightness and LAMPfests, is probs The Dark Knight.

1. ‘Recent graduate Roland Beaven created the Peaucellier Lamp to show appreciation for “the beauty and tangibility of mechanisms.”’ here, and here.

2. Some mid-century modern lamps on ebay. here

3. Light Strink, by Patrick Townsend. here

4. Tom Dixon, Mirror Ball Tripod Stand. here.

5. Three tiered chrome table or ceiling light circa 1960′s. here

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