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Hi. My name is Dayna Mailach (aka dmite, dMail, KaleidoscopeBrain) and this is my blog. On it I will take you on my road from engineering student to industrial design grad student take you on my journey through industrial design graduate school!  You’ll hear about and see my successes and awkward mistakes, and maybe get a look into why I think the world + design is so awesome. If Maria Popova calls herself “the curator of interestingness”, then I think I’d like to be a the designer-facilitator of interestingness.  (Rolls off the tongue a little less-nice than Maria’s maybe…. oh well)  I want to explore and research how to connect people with their stories to make products that cater to how we exist and interact now, while trying to create a more positive world.

I post about display design, exhibition design and art installation work.  I also post about themes seen in design work, inspiration for the entrepreneurial spirit, my own work and side projects, and sometimes just about fascinating interestingness or amazing pieces of art or fashion that I may find on my travels through life, the world and the internet.  Thanks for visiting my blog and nice to meet you!

Copy My Images or Work Without My Permission – Bitch, PLEASE!

Bitch Please! Don’t be taking my images/work without my permission or giving me credit. Thanks! :)

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