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This video, Wonderland, is real-er portrayal of life working in the creative industry (film, advertising, graphic design, computer animation, etc.).  Super fascinating, and not always uplifting, but I watched it, and then watched it again – if that’s saying anything.


Reasons not to bring a small dog to set with you

Amazing interview with Lena Dunham, writer, director and actor in the new, insanely popular show “Girls“.

So much to relate to and so much wisdom. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“Something that I hope is that its not just about the moment between college and real life.  It can be about a transitional moment in at any part in your life.  Nothing makes me happier than when someone comes up to me, and says that my kids just left home, I’m 60, I want to make a career change, this show speaks to me.  The idea that its for any moment of lostness, or sort of grappling with what you have to offer the world…”

“The parts I enjoy playing aren’t really available to me, so I have to write them.”

“… it was hard for me to acknowledge that acting was something that I wanted to do.  Both because there was a little of the perception that it wasn’t a sort of intellectual pursuit because of the fact that it didn’t necessarily feel like there was a place for someone who looked and acted like me to play anyone besides, like, sassy best friend who, like, can’t stay away from the buffet, and because I loved writing and directing, so why would I not hire the person who looks right and knows how to do this job.  But I always wanted to act…”

“Success is connecting with an audience that understands you and having a dialogue with them, I think success is continuing to push yourself forward creatively and not, sort of, becoming a caricature of yourself, I think success is figuring out a balance between a really rich, intense, fulfilling work life, and the kind of personal life that makes that work life possible and that makes that work life meaningful.  I think failure would be the opposite of those things – I think it would be becoming too involved with the traditional markers of success, …”

A 10-Year Plan

Although I don’t agree with everything said, I really like these two quotes written in Jeff Haden’s Life Inc. column:

“Until I left I was convinced I would spend my entire career at RRD. Why work anywhere else? Big company, good pay, good benefits, good opportunities… only when I had left did I realize there were lots of other great places to work.

If I had it to do over again, I would create a series of 10-year plans. My goal would be to “milk” the RRD experience for everything it was worth while preparing myself for my second 10-year career. Around year five I would decide what I wanted to do next and start getting the education, experience, and skills required to make the transition.

If after 10 years the grass isn’t greener I would still have choices — choices I get to make rather than choices that are basically made for me.

Think of your working life as a four- or five-act play and write your own script — it will always be better than the one other people write for you.”

If I had it to do over again, I would set meaningful personal goals and pursue them as actively as I pursue career and business goals. I regret hours I wasted on TV… or web surfing… or simply being lazy… that I could have spent learning something new or achieving a cool goal.”

Great advice, I think.

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