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My Work! Drawing

Hey kids! So, I haven’t shown any of my work for a while on the blog, so I thought I’d post some stuff.

Here are some sketches and life drawings. (Note: RATED R! There are naked people! If that freaks you out, go take a bathroom break, get some hot chocolate, come back in a little bit. No bigs. It takes a little bit to get used to naked people.) Anyway, I love life drawing. It calms me down so much, and whatever approach you decide to work from, it always makes you see the world dramatically different (e.g. negative space drawing! contour! volumetric! focused body part! strong awareness of perspective! etc.). Also, when you do it a lot, you improve so quick. That is not always the case with some stuff…. I used to do chemistry a lot… did not get that much better at it.. Anyway, I always talk about drawing on this blog, I’m sure you all know I’d MARRY drawing if I could.

(Also, there are many, many other mediums that I love… I think just today, conte is definitely the best medium of all time)

Here are some of my favorite regular, ole’, daily sketches.

Anyway, any thoughts and feedback would always be appreciated!  I hope you all have a great Tuesday.

Surrealistic Glass (Cup/Occasional Vase)

I used a ‘new medium’ today – black, lovely, smooth gel ink – and as you can see, it turned out a bit shaky. But I like it, despite. It looks a bit hipster and the proportions are quite off, but I love how you can totally tell exactly what it is, and can picture the shine and gloss on the glass in your head (at least I can). It looks real, yet surrealistic. (Which has nothing to do with Jefferson Airplane’s Surrealistic Pillow, but for some reason that is a phrase I thought of and couldn’t get out of my head.) Def’s must improve skills though.

Anyway, I also like the drawing because I feel like I can also see all kinds of things inside that drawing. Like a swamp, or the trunk of a weeping willow, or icicles, or draped fabric.
Think about this. What do you see in my cup? What do you see that is unintended and weird (totally something that could not have been an intended metaphor) in a famous work of art? What are your real-life Rorschach inkblots? (Post in the comments below.)

Example: the holes in the chair of the dogs kinda create a weird face. Like the two holes are eyes, and the one hole below is a mouth going ‘Ooooh’.

Photo found here.

Lol, wow. And that concludes this intellectual post!

Future goals for postings:

1) Include different media!

[ 2) Include somethin’ physical. …. .. Sculpture! Heck YA! ]

Every time I hear ‘Heck YA’ I think of Napoleon Dynamite. Real (, suburban, North American) life. Real life.

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