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Art Installation: It was your birthday.

Hey there,
We don’t talk and we’re not really friends, but I wish we were. And it was your birthday last week.  And I noticed, and didn’t say a word.  I wanted to do something even totally casual – facebook at you or something – but I know the time has passed. It would be weird if I did it, it would totally be a big deal.  So I will just say Happy Birthday to you in the universe, and hope somehow the carma-rules work?  I hope it comes back to you.  And also, I have a blog, so I can do this if I feel like it

If we were friends, last week I would have done some of this for you probably, except more awesome.
(They are like a bunch of art installations, except there is a black and white excuse to do/make one)

From top: here confetti system / balloons here / chain-streamers here / balloon room here / blue garland here

All this stuff came up on Pinterest last week, and I didn’t even plan it or look for it, it was just all over my login-to-pinterest page.  So, there that is.  Anyway, have a great birthday! I’m thinking about you, and I hope you are having fun in your life.

Art: Fashion As Art (Duh)

Everyone knows fashion is art. Duh! So, here is some incredible art-y fashion pieces that I love.

Fendi Fall 2012 here

Always remember when you wake up in the morning that fashion is art.  How you look is not hot or not-hot, it is only like-yourself or less-like yourself.

Comme Des Garçons Fall/Winter 1990/91 here / Colleen Atwood, costume for Snow White and the Huntsman here

Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 here / Balmain Spring/Summer 2013 here ( / Alexander McQueen collar here

Also, remember :  It is okay. Be romantic if you want. You can do it. It is lame, but whatever. If you do it in your own way, usually not so bad.

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