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Today is my 1 year anniversary, and I have completed over 90 posts!  I am so thankful to all of you who came along for my journey and kept reading even through my long exam break-periods and my random weird talk.  I really feel as though I’ve made so many friends through this blog and I’m so grateful.  I also started using this blog as an inspiration journal, so I want to thank all the readers who don’t think those posts are crazy talk.

My goals for next year is to always provide better content, keep the blog more focused, post more of my work, get more followers and gather more comments.  I feel like this blog and I have grown so much from my first post, and I want to thank you so much for sticking by me and staying with me throughout this real life journey.  PIZZA CELEBRATION!

Comments on: "ONE Year Old!! for This Kaleidoscope Body…" (7)

  1. BADASS!! congratulations on an amazing year!

    • Thanks so much Helen!! I seriously forgot it had been this long until wordpress told me in the icon at the top! Man, I have gotten so much less-bad that I was in the beginning… lol

      • Haha! It’s so strange looking back at old pieces you’ve written, isn’t it! I always wonder what I was thinking lol. Anyway, your blog is epic and always super interesting!

  2. […] ONE Year Old!! for This Kaleidoscope Body…. […]

  3. Nice! My blog is a bit older than yours, and I still haven’t reached 90 posts.

    Here’s to you, my friend — a blogger who is both prolific and substantive!

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