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Hello world!

So, as you know (if you’ve read my About page), I am working from scratch to make myself a portfolio to get me into industrial design graduate school! I want it so bad I think my brain might explode.

So basically, I’m going to be using this blog to post some of my regular weekly work, and also to show the world what is inspiring me lately, what I’m into, what continues to make me obsessed with the interweb, and what is making me need to express my kaleidoscope brain so bad.

Anyway, here is a ‘daily drawing’ I’ve been working on.  Sadly, my daily drawings times are actually starting to get cut down…… eeeep… What used to go down with my ‘daily drawings’ is: sit down and draw people/places/things for 1 hr. Everyday.  I will usually finish about 1 piece per week. I started this because I really, really wanted to get my drawing skills improved, so that they could be something I could depend on. (AND they will be that. Mark my words.)

Unfortunately, recently I have been cutting down on my drawing time!  And I think that is the fault of wanting to sleep more (and knowing that I can… since I usually don’t have anything concrete to get up for in the morning).   Also…. it may be the fault of really bad episodes of Hellcats that I watch while I workout, and then my workout tends to get longgerrrr…  Anyway, I will no longer compromise my self. Or the improvement of my drawing skills. For HELLCATS!

Anyway, here is a result of ‘daily drawing’.  Since I am doing this myself (and since I do not have much technical drawing instruction), any constructive feedback on any of my work would be appreciated. :)

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