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A 10-Year Plan

Although I don’t agree with everything said, I really like these two quotes written in Jeff Haden’s Life Inc. column:

“Until I left I was convinced I would spend my entire career at RRD. Why work anywhere else? Big company, good pay, good benefits, good opportunities… only when I had left did I realize there were lots of other great places to work.

If I had it to do over again, I would create a series of 10-year plans. My goal would be to “milk” the RRD experience for everything it was worth while preparing myself for my second 10-year career. Around year five I would decide what I wanted to do next and start getting the education, experience, and skills required to make the transition.

If after 10 years the grass isn’t greener I would still have choices — choices I get to make rather than choices that are basically made for me.

Think of your working life as a four- or five-act play and write your own script — it will always be better than the one other people write for you.”

If I had it to do over again, I would set meaningful personal goals and pursue them as actively as I pursue career and business goals. I regret hours I wasted on TV… or web surfing… or simply being lazy… that I could have spent learning something new or achieving a cool goal.”

Great advice, I think.

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