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What I Learned In Undergrad

I learned a lot of things during my Undergraduate degree, and I am not going to list them all today. This is not going to be my ‘What I Have Learned So Far In My Life’ list (yep, I am that overbearing and keen that I keep a literal list like that (in the vein of Stefan Sagmeister, though, to be fair…) ). This week I officially convocate, so I thought I’d give a quick summary version of some important things that come to mind that I learned during my undergrad. You will go, or have gone, to Undergrad yourselves, you’ll learn the rest, whatever. I just wanted to give you a lil hint.

1. Here is proof that if you want to / have to learn something, you can actually find a way. You know where to look, you know who to ask, you’ve done it before.

2. Life is actually tough in the fast lane. Apply for things, hustle, don’t fall asleep.

3. (personal belief**) We must create our own meaning in our lives – our lives do not inherently have meaning.  We choose the meaning in our lives. Education is knowing that we can choose for something to mean something.

4. ‘Putting into action’ and ‘understanding’ are the values of study.

5. Most people don’t know what the eff they are talking about.  (in life, academically, etc.)  Take comfort in that.

6. Almost nothing is black and white. Pretty much nothing.

7.  Marks mostly don’t matter, but sometimes they do matter.  Invest your heart in the right place at the right time.

8. Consider the likelihood of returning home before midnight after a day of school.  Act accordingly.

9.  Become friends with really weird people, from different circles and walks of life, because they are just nice or cool or interesting.

10.  Think frequently and hard about what you actually want out of life: what you want your life to look and feel like, how much free time, how much family, how much money, and freedom, and work, long-term, and at each stage. You don’t have to know right now, but just think about it. Consider it and toy with it. And then try to make what you think is the best option happen. Do many, many multiples of iterations on this.

Note: I have chosen not to include any of the REAL life lessons you learn in college/uni (said drinking rules, social norms, how to sip 21 different liquids in the dining hall and then run to a different dining hall without vomiting… what? I never did that. Why would anyone try to do that?!) Have you ever seen the movie Meatballs? It is like that, except not at a fat camp and add all of the life lessons listed above. :)

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