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Art: Illustration Work

No! I have not been replaced by a super dork who reads comic books! I like comic books! And DAMN STRAIGHT I like me some comic book art.  In case you are late to all of the parties, comic book reading and sterio-type nerding (e.g.: liking Star Wars, doing math/science, playing video games, reading comic books (/watching comic book movies), playing role-playing games) is cool again! PROOF: 1) there is a very successful tv show, ‘Big Bang Theory‘, that proves it. 2) There are whole treasury lists on the etsy boards, and pinterest boards devoted to ‘nerd’ paraphernalia.  So, question: Why are these liberal-arts majors fake-embarassed to like these things? Friends, you are into things that are ‘SO HOT RIGHT NOW’. :) Tots embrace it!

I am embracing it, with this post! Also though, this artwork is just incredible. With my post about Darwyn Cooke, I’m sure you all know already that I like me some illustration work and comic book artists, but such amazing stuff has been coming up on pinterest and I could not, not post it! Anyway, enjoy! :)

1. Kevin Tong, Mogwai. here.
2. Doe Eyed, Mogwai. here.
3. Vintage Christmas Card found here.

4.  Eric Church poster. here.
5. Duelists, screenprint on silk by James Jean. here.
6. Blitzen Trapper by James Flames. here.

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