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Great, new way of showing taxidermy at the Museum Victoria in Australia.

IMAGES: here // here
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Comments on: "Museum Victoria Animal Exhibition Design" (7)

  1. I know this is the same stuff I can see at the NY Museum of Natural History, but once you take these creatures out of their “natural setting” dioramas and place them in a white room, it all takes on an air of cold creepiness.

    • I can definitely see what you mean – really, really un-natural habitat and all, and kind of too minimalistic maybe for the subject matter – but I did appreciate their creativity in trying to show as many different kinds of animals as possible, and really surround the viewer with the different species. Sometimes I feel, when I’m in museums and I see those “natural setting” dioramas, that its almost weirder, though! Because a plastic tree? Omg those printed environment screens… ? lol

    • ps. as always though, I love your input! I totally didn’t even think of it as creepy when I first saw it, but now that you mention it…… I can totally see it

  2. So this is basically my living nightmare… Can’t even bring myself to enter the biodiversity exhibit at the ROM!

  3. Oh, gosh! Weird but definitely interesting!

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