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Try Something

If any of you are worried that you aren’t ready yet for something or if you are waiting to learn stuff first or get knowledge/experience under your belt, remember to just Try Something this week.  You really can’t wait until you know who you are to start a project.   (The secret is you will never know yourself well enough to start a project.)

On the podcast, Design Matters, I was listening to Debbie Milman talk with Design Army, and the power-couple being interviewed said this:
“It’s never an idea until its excecuted.  You have to excecute. There are so many ideas floating around, and until you do it, it’s really doesn’t mean something.  So many people say, ‘Oh well, I had that idea first’.  Well, you didn’t do it first, so …. ”

Its easy to feel like you don’t want to embarrass yourself or waste people’s time, but in order to do something amazing you must put yourself out there.  It might start off embarrassing or bad or clumsy, but it is the only way you can practice and evolve and create something that is worthy of your good taste.

People even identify with the unclear ideas, because in reality, even those of us that brand ourselves well on the interwebz, don’t know ourselves nearly clearly enough.  We are constatly changing and evolving.  Sometimes I wish my About Me picture didn’t look so friendly. I sometimes wish it looked more polarizing and weird and aggressive and “murder-y in a hot way” (Lena Dunham, poet).  But I hope with time, and with the development of my blog and myself as a professional, that I will be like wine and fancy cheese.  I will age well, and get more expensive with time.

To get a client or to impress your boss or to get into grad school or to get an A, you don’t have to be good enough for yourself – you only have to be good enough for them.  Others can see things in your work that you don’t see, or will know how you and your work will look in a month better than you will.  I’m not saying lower your quality and settle for other people’s assessment of your work, but put yourself out there in order to give yourself opportunities you’ve always hoped for even before you are up to your own standards.  From someone who knows, sometimes you just have to jump and hope for the best.

Ways to try things this week:
-Don’t wait until you buy excersize clothes.  Just go in old shorts and a camp tshirt now.
-Start the website you’ve been wanting to
-Apply for the job
-Join a group or club
-Watch this video from Alex Beadon
-Talk to or email one of your heros
-Compete to win
-Raise your expectations, and believe the new expectations are possible

Dayna @kaleidoscopebrain

(photo taken and edited by me)

Comments on: "Try Something" (5)

  1. This is definitely one of my favourite posts!! Digging the good energy :D

  2. Great post Dayna! I’m going to take your advice about the camp t-shirt and old shorts :)

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