Art, process and design blog of an aspiring industrial designer.

The Inspiring Blogger Award

I have been nominated for Inspiring Blogger Award by sonuduggal, and I am totally honored. Thank you so much for nominating me for this wonderful award.

The rules are simple: You MUST do this…
1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

So here are 7 things about KaleidoscopeBrain :

1) I started this blog on my road from engineering student, to design grad student, and I am so proud to announce that I have gotten into to grad schools!!! WOO

2) I enjoy ‘practicing’ pretty much every single different type of fine art or design.  From crochet to sculpture work to fashion to film.

3) I love baking without pressure. :) While watching a bad tv show or listening to an awesome podcast.

4) Enjoy traveling and antique shopping/thrift hunting and photography.

5) I suck at most sports… mostly because I never did any sports growing up, except for the ones we did in gym class.

6) I like that, although I may not look it, I’m pretty tough.

7) I’d love to write a short film one day.

Choosing 15 other Blogger’s is really a difficult task.  Here are my 15 picks that apply to how I’m feeling today.  (No particular order, and I tried to make it a wide variety of big guys and little guys, and varying topics.) Enjoy!

1)  Truth and Cake

3) Seth Godin

4) The Middle Finger Project

5)  HeyLookAFellowWriter

6) Jackson Sees Georgia

7) Moddea

8) Swiss Miss

9) Quiet Cassandra

10) Chris Guillebeau

11) Alex Beadon Photography

12) Dezeen 

13) Smitten Kitchen

14) DesignLoveFest

14) 1000AwesomeThings

15) The Better Man Project

16) Style Bubble

Thank you all so much for inspiring me throughout my pursuits.


Dayna @KaleidoscopeBrain

Comments on: "The Inspiring Blogger Award" (12)

  1. Aw! Thanks Kaleidoscope! I find your blog most inspiring as well!

  2. :) No problem .

  3. Wow!

    Thank you for nominating 1000 Awesome Things!

    I’m flattered to be part of such a perfectly awesome list.

    • Wow, Neil, I cannot believe you visited my blog! I have been such a fan for so long! (I own 2 of your books, and have bought them for everyone I know. I’m kinda a cliche now. thanks. :) ) (As a fellow Torontonian, although I always knew this, its really nice to see it can Actually happen. You can Actually do something awesome and different with your life, and you choose to make that happen.)
      Anyway, I know I’m just one of thousands that you’ve inspired, but really, thanks for being awesome! (AH pun )

  4. Thank you for choosing Moddea!

    • Thank you for continuing to find such amazing industrial design pieces! I have not yet found another industrial design website as well-curated as yours! Where do you find all the pieces? Or do you just hunt around?

  5. Thanks so much! And what great company I’m in. Baking without pressure–me too :)

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