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Great Entrepreneurs

“If you look at the careers of great entrepreneurs and you look at the moment they took their plunge, the plunge is rarely a great financial or material risk, it’s a social risk. At the moment they started their new businesses, everyone around them said ‘you’re an idiot’.”
— Malcolm Gladwell (via swissmiss)

Comments on: "Great Entrepreneurs" (2)

  1. I once had a boss who told me that “Nothing great was ever accomplished alone.” He said this to me to justify the endless mind-numbing meetings he held – where even the most minor decisions were debated to death. Right from the beginning, I had pegged this man as a coward. I loathed him.

    Gladwell is right. True greatness begins and ends with a courageous fellow who believes in an idea so strongly he is willing to go it alone.

  2. He sounds like a coward that books meetings to look busy and feel self important. I HATE that. He’s probably still doing the same boring thing, wasting his and everybody else’s time, while you’re moving onward and upward writing awesome, original children’s books!! :) Actually doing something and making something to make this world better and more fun. So freakin awesome. (SO few people can say their jobs are as interesting and fun as yours! I am a little jealous!)

    Also, the thing is, the scariest part is when you, too, think that you might be really crazy, but that you have to take the chance anyway. I heard that so many times growing up, but am only really, REALLY starting to understand what that feels like nowadays.. When you don’t even have your own certainty. Oh well, High risk, high gain! Keep fightin.

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