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My Work! Drawing

Hey kids! So, I haven’t shown any of my work for a while on the blog, so I thought I’d post some stuff.

Here are some sketches and life drawings. (Note: RATED R! There are naked people! If that freaks you out, go take a bathroom break, get some hot chocolate, come back in a little bit. No bigs. It takes a little bit to get used to naked people.) Anyway, I love life drawing. It calms me down so much, and whatever approach you decide to work from, it always makes you see the world dramatically different (e.g. negative space drawing! contour! volumetric! focused body part! strong awareness of perspective! etc.). Also, when you do it a lot, you improve so quick. That is not always the case with some stuff…. I used to do chemistry a lot… did not get that much better at it.. Anyway, I always talk about drawing on this blog, I’m sure you all know I’d MARRY drawing if I could.

(Also, there are many, many other mediums that I love… I think just today, conte is definitely the best medium of all time)

Here are some of my favorite regular, ole’, daily sketches.

Anyway, any thoughts and feedback would always be appreciated!  I hope you all have a great Tuesday.

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  1. Beautiful! I’ve always been a charcoal person myself. I love the bold, pure blackness of it.

    • Thank you!! I love charcoal too, but I like how conte has the feel of charcoal, but won’t rub off as easy. I think for some of these I used soft charcoal for the shading….
      Anyway, I just love the gritty and simple look of drawings with stubby, black, crayon-like drawing utensils. I feel like it makes it more about you, the subject and the paper!

      • I like conte, too, but I haven’t used it much since college. Now that I have a young son, most of my crayon-like drawings are made with ACTUAL crayons.

        Never underestimate the power of a box of 64 with the built-in sharpener.

        Do show more of your work, OK?

      • Deal! Thanks Mike! :)
        p.s. I never will underestimate crayons again! i remember when I was a kid that I always thought that drawing with crayons were such an awesome time… Why not make a nose purple…?

  2. Hi, they are really beautiful. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog.

    • No problem! I loved your post about traveling near your city. I went “real” traveling (i.e. backpacking around Europe) a couple years ago, and I’m starting to get hardcore wander-lust again these days… (The food, and the sights, and the new languages, and the art, and the culture!) But I realized, I can totally be a tourist in my own city again! I think I’m going to start there..

      • That’s nice.. I would love to go backpacking, maybe sometime soon.. I love traveling even if it’s somewhere nearby, you just suddenly realize that there’s so many places that you haven’t seen before and they are just closer to your own city. I am so glad you liked my post about traveling :)

    • Also, thanks for the compliment! :) I try!

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