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Link Round Up

Images: LAPDESK //  Eiko Ishioka work here, here, here // awesome people hanging out together (Louis Armstrong and Niels Bohr, Copenhagen, 1959).

1. Inspired by this post at plentyofcolor, I remembered how much I actually love really arty, well-done music videos (example: Violet Hill by Coldplay. Stops me dead every time.)  Example 2: Try by Pink.  I was really pleasantly surprised at how much I think she pushed herself in this, and it was just so gorgeous to watch the dance and the colors.  Indeed, as plentyofcolor says, such a powerful use of color.

2. Found via Swissmiss, I actually really love this Vool wooden laptop stand.  It is the only ‘lap-bed’ thing I have not thought was mostly useless! (if only because it would make such a beautiful cookbook holder if I never actually used it in bed… )

3. Eiko Ishioka : graphic designer turned costume artist.  If that alone doesn’t intrigue you, then her work should, cause its freakin amazing and outta site.  You can kinda see her background filter into her costume design in the way that each piece is SO well balanced and organized, and definitely has a graphic almost pop-arty aspect to it.  To me its only really the silhouette, structure and the fine detail that makes it feel of-the-period; the actual designs seem so modern to me. Also how well does she use texture and layering?!

4.  James Lipton’s Inside the Actor’s Studio with Will Smith here. So fascinating. (Also, who doesn’t love Inside the Actor’s Studio? Dumb people who hate movies. …. Also, anyone that gets creeped out by all those personal questions, I guess….)

5. Photos of awesome people hanging out together :) here. (Example, Louis Armstrong and Niels Bohr!)

tape,symbiosis,glid,-jan-6Images: GLIF // Wes Naman SCOTCH TAPE // WALID AZIZ.

6. The glif.  Started on Kickstarter, and an indie-manufactured design, the glif is a tripod Mount & Stand For iPhone 4/4S and 5.  Looks so awesome and has gotten such good reviews.  Especially with this shift in photography from huge DSLR to iphone, this looks like a good buy.  Buy it here.

7. Absolutely, simple amazement in a dance. Choreographed and danced by Matt Luck and Emma Portner. Music by Ben Howard and Yael Naim.  So personal and subtle, so relatable and I love the style of the choreography. The way he does the ‘carving you up alright’, and the way she does everything (especially the start), and the tenderness in the dance is awesome.  The music choice is so good, too. I just feel like a dance like this could not exist in any other time; as cliche as it sounds, it just feels very 2012 to me. here

8. “New Mexico-based photographer Wes Naman has created Scotch Tape, an ongoing portrait series of people’s faces contorted by invisible tape. Jakob Schiller recently featured the series on Wired Raw File where he spoke to Naman about the inspiration behind the project.”  Really inspired by this series. here

9. Watch these amazing bio-chem looking animations by the artist and medical illustrator, Walid Aziz.  Here‘s Symbiosis. (Hat tip to my friend Bobby for showing me his work!)

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