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Fall Look

Roots World Famous Crew, here.
Patterned pants from JCrew. here and here.
Minimarket platform boots, image from here, bought here.
Blundstone #500 boots found here.
Yellow necklace by Natalia Brilli, here.
Edgy red/black necklace by Isadora Paris, here, here.

Hope your week is above-par. :)

Links Round Up!

1. Floral print, here.
2. Such beautiful stuff of Lee Klabin’s on . Everything they do is pretty incredible.. structural, romantic, very aware of materials..
3. I want to make this so bad for my new camera!! here.
4. Amazing art installation/portrait, done with a projector and a table setting… a “food portrait” by golpeavisa found here.
5. Winners of the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2012. here.

6. Awesome famous blog that I just found out about – Seth Godin’s blog – is filled with marketing and life advice. I have really been liking it…
7. Street photography Do’s and Don’ts on youtube.. oh man, this ones pretty funny AND informative…

8. Wow, I am in love with this personal website. The design, the cool flash stuff, the content, ahhrghhh. So good. Its Kelli Anderson.
9. Such a good article on Managing You Email Realistically! by Matt Gemmell.
10.This Got a Girl Crush Magazine is actually really good! When I started checking it out, I was like, Oh whatever…, but the ladies featured are actually girls with whom I do have an internet crush on! E.g.: Jessica Hische (need I say more), but also the girl from who has her own furniture company (and knows how to use a skill saw! holla), and many more cool ladies)

Art Installation: Phone Booths

This large-scale art project has been all over the internet lately, so I had to post some photos of these amazing phone booths done by 100 artists in Brazil. So cool!

You can see all 100 phones here. (courtesy of Colossal)

Photos found here; here; here; here; here; here.


So James Dyson is a person with whom I feel is THE COOLEST. (NOTE: He is British so he also probs writes/talks with more right grammer. And spelling.)  He is on my list of top favorite people.  And I know that by saying that ‘out-loud’ that decreases the probablity that I will ever work for him (never let them know you are a fan! Because if you are a fan, you are not their equal!), but it is the truth, AND he probably has people to read my blog for him.  Since he is really busy, his secretary summarizes my blog posts, so he’s always up to date.  He does look at all my pictures though…

OKAY! back to serious talk. His commercials, oh his commercials.  As a future industrial designer and almost-engineering graduate, it makes me emotional when he says, “I just want things to work properly.”  James, that is all I have ever really wanted.  I just want things to work properly.  His company-approach and values.  How his business began -with strife, with people that stole his idea, and then with lots of patents.  The engineering of his products – there is metal inside those vacuums and lots of centrifugal force.  How he gives back to students (he has a school now!).  The fact that his products all are designed around use and purpose and engineering, and goes outwards towards industrial design – the way design should be done, in my opinion.  The fact that after his initial success, he continued to PUSH BOUNDARIES, research, try new things, make interesting, risky, products – his fans? Come on. Awesome. All of his other types of vacuums, new and different and cool and I want them.  And last but not least, his industrial design and color choice.  Sporty and mech-y, but never cheesy. Dude knows how to work, and how to hire good people, clearly.

To me, Dyson is the Apple of home-wares.  Doing business and making their product their way, and still being financially successful at the end of the day.  Anyway, if you are into ID check out James Dyson, I guarantee you wont be disappointed.  Read some stuff about him, watch some youtube videos, and love him as a role model as much as I do.

DC23 Motorhead vaccum. here and here.
The Dyson Airblade, hand dryer here and here.
The DC30, handheld vacuum. here and here.
Dyson Air Multiplier fans. here and here.
DC29 Multi Floor vacuum. here and here.

And if you have some time, check out some of these videos. Ahhhhh… “Solve the obvious problems.”  Duh, but so necessary to say.

Art: Illustration Work

No! I have not been replaced by a super dork who reads comic books! I like comic books! And DAMN STRAIGHT I like me some comic book art.  In case you are late to all of the parties, comic book reading and sterio-type nerding (e.g.: liking Star Wars, doing math/science, playing video games, reading comic books (/watching comic book movies), playing role-playing games) is cool again! PROOF: 1) there is a very successful tv show, ‘Big Bang Theory‘, that proves it. 2) There are whole treasury lists on the etsy boards, and pinterest boards devoted to ‘nerd’ paraphernalia.  So, question: Why are these liberal-arts majors fake-embarassed to like these things? Friends, you are into things that are ‘SO HOT RIGHT NOW’. :) Tots embrace it!

I am embracing it, with this post! Also though, this artwork is just incredible. With my post about Darwyn Cooke, I’m sure you all know already that I like me some illustration work and comic book artists, but such amazing stuff has been coming up on pinterest and I could not, not post it! Anyway, enjoy! :)

1. Kevin Tong, Mogwai. here.
2. Doe Eyed, Mogwai. here.
3. Vintage Christmas Card found here.

4.  Eric Church poster. here.
5. Duelists, screenprint on silk by James Jean. here.
6. Blitzen Trapper by James Flames. here.

Photographing Your Work

Sup students! And non-students working on improving your portfolio!
I am starting to look into assembling my portfolio for grad school (AHHHHHHHHHH. crap!), and it actually took me a while to find any good sources for tips for photographing 2 D and 3D artwork for a portfolio! So, I thought I’d share them. Hopefully, these will be worth their virtual weight in gold.

I think this one is the best for overall-2D:

This one has a great trick for photographing drawings that I never thought of and breaks things down pretty well….:

Another useful 2D tutorial:

Shooting 3D!:

So, these videos teach you a lot about shooting the overall object or painting, but remember also that its important to get some process shots! AND, some detail shots if some areas aren’t easy to see from the overall shot. Also, these guys are super pros, and if you are applying to schools like me, remember that you are applying to be a student. Of course try to get the best pictures you can, but I don’t think its necessary to go out and buy a bunch of stuff. If you take your time and generally follow these tips, I’m sure you are off to a good start!

ANOTHER TIP: Best portfolio advice I ever had – design you portfolio like you would design a book. A real, photo-based book.  Meaning, think about the order in which people are going to view it, if you put it online or decide to bind it, make an interesting cover that is related to your work, but draws people in.  Think about photo layouts if you are showing some close up and think about chapters? If you are going to use text? Color schemes? Etc.

Anyway, I hope this has been helpful! Cheers,

Links Round Up!

1. DIY inspiration for fixing up destroyed jeans. here.
2. Men’s shoes from the fall 2012 collection from Salvatore Ferragamo this year. I love that red going to patent black… It makes me think of Alexander McQueen’s gluttonous collection of Fall 2009.
3. Embroidered portrait by Daniel Kornrumpfs, called Stitched Reality.
4.CLASS Roberto Cavalli gown, found at The Outnet.
5. Maggi Hambling, Wave painting.
6. New idea for hanging up pictures! And also, 5 non-permanent ways to personalize a space without paint. (Especially good for renters….)

7. Made this recipe this week for Peanut Butter Banana Bread this week, and it turned out really good! AND its lower in fat.. If you’re into that…
8. I like this new font Bariol, and they have a pay-what-you-want system, which I’ve always thought is really kind of sweet.
9. 50 things every creative should know.
10. This Guys With Pencil’s podcast episode.  (HOLLA! Torontonians!) They interview the guys behind Super Meat Boy, an indie game, and even if you don’t know what Super Meat Boy is (i.e.: me, but not anymore, cause I found out my little bro plays that game) or aren’t into gaming, the podcast is really funny and fascinating about how to start new projects and being honest with your work. GEM, it is a gem.
11. This is so brilliant. Eating well on the road = One-Pot Meals and the Magic of the Rice Cooker !
12. I’m pretty sure everyone has seen this already, but still really good:Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action.

Have a great weekend. :)

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