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( Hey dudes, just a warning: this week might be a bit shoddy with blog posts, since I have a killer exam next week and then some family stuff coming, but I will try to keep up as much as possible! )

Sup fellow students! So, we are going to talk about portfolios again today.
Although you should take my advice with a grain of salt, one thing that I think is really important to have in a portfolio, is a demonstration of a lot of different media.  When applying to art or design school I think that it is so important to show how your voice translates, your versatility, where your interests span to, that you are open to trying new things, that you are willing to go against your natural skills, etc., etc.  Also, I mean if it were me reading through hundreds of portfolios, it’d be nice to see a cool new media used every so often.  It wakes you up I think, and makes you re-think a product or material you may have forgotten about.

Anyway, here are some examples of types of media you should dabble in:

4) COMPUTER – graphic arts, solid modeling, whatever!
6) MIX 3-D & 2-D and TEXTILE ART


9) ETCC!!!

10) combo of all/some media ………….

drawing – Leonardo da Vinci here // paint – Happy Menocal here // collage – The Selby here  (ps: I know this isn’t really collage work, but it makes me think of collage, cause its a really well-chosen and well cut-out photo) // computer – Solid Modelling of USB Port here // sculpture – Rodin here // mix 3-d & 2-D  – Maranon here // writing – The Mavenist here // film – The Pleasure Of here

Comments on: "Students: Variety for Portfolio" (5)

  1. Ha you should definitely include some textile art in your portfolio. I love that embroidery circle (#6). But perhaps some knitted work?

    • I would totally love to put some knit work in my portfolio!, the only thing is I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to get it exactly right… I’ve actually always wanted to do a really complex cable-braided sweater… Maybe if I have my 2-D under control by October, I’ll try to start something!

      I picture something like this:

      Or this, except my own version… !:

    • p.s. If I do end up doing it… I might have to call you up and bug you with some construction questions… :)

  2. Love them both! Don’t know if I’d be any help with construction though :( but I’m there if you need help with technique. I’ve been working on a cardigan for 2+ years because I always stray to easier-construction but more complex stitch work. Maybe try something smaller if it’s something you want to do but are pressed for time :(

  3. Kk! will do! Maybe a scarf or hat or something…

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