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So James Dyson is a person with whom I feel is THE COOLEST. (NOTE: He is British so he also probs writes/talks with more right grammer. And spelling.)  He is on my list of top favorite people.  And I know that by saying that ‘out-loud’ that decreases the probablity that I will ever work for him (never let them know you are a fan! Because if you are a fan, you are not their equal!), but it is the truth, AND he probably has people to read my blog for him.  Since he is really busy, his secretary summarizes my blog posts, so he’s always up to date.  He does look at all my pictures though…

OKAY! back to serious talk. His commercials, oh his commercials.  As a future industrial designer and almost-engineering graduate, it makes me emotional when he says, “I just want things to work properly.”  James, that is all I have ever really wanted.  I just want things to work properly.  His company-approach and values.  How his business began -with strife, with people that stole his idea, and then with lots of patents.  The engineering of his products – there is metal inside those vacuums and lots of centrifugal force.  How he gives back to students (he has a school now!).  The fact that his products all are designed around use and purpose and engineering, and goes outwards towards industrial design – the way design should be done, in my opinion.  The fact that after his initial success, he continued to PUSH BOUNDARIES, research, try new things, make interesting, risky, products – his fans? Come on. Awesome. All of his other types of vacuums, new and different and cool and I want them.  And last but not least, his industrial design and color choice.  Sporty and mech-y, but never cheesy. Dude knows how to work, and how to hire good people, clearly.

To me, Dyson is the Apple of home-wares.  Doing business and making their product their way, and still being financially successful at the end of the day.  Anyway, if you are into ID check out James Dyson, I guarantee you wont be disappointed.  Read some stuff about him, watch some youtube videos, and love him as a role model as much as I do.

DC23 Motorhead vaccum. here and here.
The Dyson Airblade, hand dryer here and here.
The DC30, handheld vacuum. here and here.
Dyson Air Multiplier fans. here and here.
DC29 Multi Floor vacuum. here and here.

And if you have some time, check out some of these videos. Ahhhhh… “Solve the obvious problems.”  Duh, but so necessary to say.

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  1. I love the Dyson hand dryers! I didn’t even realize they were made by a vacuum company until you wrote about this. Thanks for enlightening me!

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