Art, process and design blog of an aspiring industrial designer.

ID: Cable Organizers

This week’s industrial design products:

Quirky makes so many amazing products, but these are two I’m lovin right now.

The Plug Hub organizes all your cords under your desk.  I like how it holds the extra cord, hides everything and groups your cords so they ‘look’ neat.  Sometimes, that is all you can do, and this appears to do it well…

Another great product they have is this flexible extension cord called Pivot Power, so you can fit oversized plugs on every outlet.

The only thing with this one is that I wish there was a cord or something to fasten it around a table leg. I can just see this sliding all over the room, because its such an odd shape, and wouldn’t sit comfortably by the wall and wouldn’t stay put around my table leg.

In case you are not familiar with Quirky, they are such an awesome company that basically asks consumers what products they want to see made, and after a bunch of voting and deliberation, they actually make it.  And they pay all the random different people that helped to come up with the idea and edit it.  They’re like a product-design-Kickstarter…. I would love to work for them oneday…. ahhh, a girl can only dream… Anyway, have a great Wednesday!

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