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Here in Canada, there is this fabulous ad campaign for The Games in the subway stations, and I swear, they are so intense and inspiring.  Every time I see them I just want to do a whole bunch of push ups. And then beat someone who dares to underestimate me.

I am very into watching the Olympics right now, so here is some olympic inspired stuff in this weeks huntin’-around-the-internet post. Cheers!

1. Olympic poster designed by Howard Hodgkin, Swimming. here
2. Photo of olympic athlete Lolo Jones for the ‘Raise An Olympian’ campaign. This video series is SO good. I spent like an hour… maybe way more than an hour.. yesterday watching them! here, here, and photo from here
3. Olympic poster. here
4. Olympic tape poster. here
5. Cynthia Rowley wetsuit. here
6. Canadian olympic hoodie. here

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