Art, process and design blog of an aspiring industrial designer.

3D Sketches

3D sketches are super important in industrial design. (Obvs.) Right now, my 3D sketching needs to be done Waaaaaayyyyyy more frequently. But for now, here’s some places I’m getting techniques and inspiration from for 3D drawing.

These shots are all from grad student sketches from the industrial design department of RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). Apparently, one of the profs there found his students always falling asleep in his lectures for History of Industrial Design, so he assigned to his students a drawings of at least one of the pieces they learned about in class! And, every class they submit their drawings. So cool!

Notice how great their 3D rendering is on each image, and you can never really see their 3D guides. Also, check out the different hatching techniques that were used!

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