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I’m so into summer stillness right now…

1. Get inspired or appalled by the books on this beautiful chart of the Top 10 Most Read Books In the World.

2. Pride and Predjudice – BBC version. Keira Knightly version. Both so awesome in their own ways (NOTE: IF you are into romantic period dramas.  Or just really good-looking films).

3. Walk to a bookstore today. It is such a lovely thing to do, especially when you are excited to buy a book.  One that I’m reading that’s actually really good (really well organized storyline! I think I’m actually learning from his writing) is The Blind Side by Michael Lewis.  I also really want to read Wild by Cheryl Strayed

4. Les Paul, Sleepwalk

5. Actually doing excersizing regularly. peace.

Also, finally losing some summer El-Bee’s (lb’s) gives peace, too.

6. Joy’s summer bucket list. Make your own summer bucket list, and then do it. And surprise no one by doing it.

7.  Walk alone, while listening to music.

8. Bake slowly.  Bake this strawberry summer cake. I made it, and it was so fucking good.

9. Drink sangria or tea on the British countryside.

10. Look some more at this photo: Summer,The Lower East Side, 1937 by Arthur Felig.

Have a great weekend!

(Click on all images to go to their original webpages, and to get full recipes.)

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