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Contour Drawings, YO

Here are some contour drawings I’ve been doing.

 I really love this method to drawing. Its so intentionally imperfect, yet it doesn’t look gimmic-y or unrealistic. I find that I am actually able to add a lot of extra details and realism sometimes, even if shapes end up being totally wonky.

Contour drawings remind me of Shel Silverstein poems.

Blind contour drawing

Blind contour drawing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to know a guy named Shael and he was really cool, but we ‘drifted apart’ in, like, grade 5. And then I saw him again once a couple years ago, and he still seemed really cool. I like to think if things had happened differently, I would have or could have been friends with both Shael and Shel. I never actually really got into “Where The Sidewalk Ends“, but I was always sure that the guy who wrote it would’ve made the best uncle or grandpa.

I don’t know… still… I mean, I want to love this poem, it is cute and everything, but even for children’s poems, its no Billy Idol or Robert Munsch.  Nevertheless, the contour drawings suit him and his poems oh-so-well.

(Click on all images to go to their original webpages.)

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