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Links Round Up

So, these are some mostly-design related stuff that are inspiring me this week! I hope you all enjoy!

1. So, every year in the Fall, the Met in New York City has an amazing-looking, crazy-buzzed-about fashion exhibit with a theme.

“The Costume Institute houses a collection of more than thirty-five thousand costumes and accessories, representing five continents and seven centuries of fashionable dress, regional costumes, and accessories for men, women, and children, from the fifteenth century to the present. … Due to the sensitive nature of textiles, the collection of The Costume Institute is not on permanent public view, but the department organizes special exhibitions each year.”

(I never even knew this existed until, like, two years ago!)
Anyway, last years theme was ‘Savage Beauty’, included pieces throughout the illustrious Alexander McQueen‘s career. (I would have KILLED to see that.) This year the ‘theme’ is “ImpossibleĀ Pairs: Musing on Schiaparelli and Prada in the Met’s Collection” and here is the online pictures and audio and visual of the exhibit. So fascinating and Prada is one of my absolute favorite designers! Constantly re-considering, approaching with fresh eyes, and yet, still able to have fun with fashion.

2. MoMA‘s library is now online.

3. So fun! Write a letter to yourself in the future. With the internet, you don’t even need to steal Dwight’s stationary… (The Office reference..)

4. Have a joint dinner party and talk about how you are going to better the world at 7 p.m. on October 5th, 2012! I’m totally doing it! And donating to this Kickstarter page!

5. Dude, if I HAD a gentleman caller, this quiz would be so necessary. (Hobby Compatibility Quiz & Creative Dating Guide)

6. I want to read this book. Looks fascinating, so useful and a little unnerving, hopefully in a good way.

7. This soup (Julia Child’s Vichyssoise) is amazing! My mum has been making it forever and it always turns out how I imagine in my mind that a potato leek soup should taste… Not too rich, but just enough, creamy and thick.. Now I really want potato leek soup. :)

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