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Art/Design Round Up

So, I’ve decided to try a new thing where every Wednesday I feature some art, artist, designer or piece that has been super inspiring for me. This week its this amazing piece found on by artist Kent Rogowski. The piece is called ‘Everything I Wish I Could Be’.

To me, this is a piece that I wish I thought of. (Especially when looking a my last post, which was a piece I made driven by the idea of books and what they can mean or represent to different people) I love the cream on cream, and the use of pre-existing materials (just in general though, I love when artists reuse pre-existing materials…), and the meaning in everyday objects, and the lack of cheesy-ness, but honesty, that the piece has. Its so freakin visually compelling.

Describing his work, Rogowski says,

“I had been thinking about how people deal with moments of pain and change in their lives and knew that I wanted to explore this in my work. I started collecting self help books and realized that there was literally a book for every moment in life: from relationship advice to dealing with a midlife crisis. I liked the idea that I could create images that would represent individual moments in life using the books that were written to soothe and help with those moments.”

Fascinating, I think. And maybe a not-harsh or embarrassing look at self-help books, which I find is so often seen whenever the genre is mentioned in the media and in life.

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