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Here is a work-in-progress that I have been working on for the past week or so. I am taking a part-time sculpture class at the moment to get my portfolio going, and so far it is totally working! Here’s a piece I am half done, for an assignment for class.

The challenge was to re-purpose a book into a sculptural piece. The piece I made is a book with a hand-cut, 3-dimentional crevasse running through the centre. It is made from an old encyclopedia, which was a bit heartbreaking to destroy, but I think worth it. Alas, art is pain.

To create the piece I used an exacto knife, plus 5 re-fill blades, and a piece of matt-board (to protect the pages underneath). Right now, I have cut through 437 pages, so only 163 left to go! (When its done I’ll post a picture, but ideally the crevasse will just continue throughout the pages.) Just a warning: If you are planning to do something similar, be sure to stock up on movies. The first 300 pages or so took more than two Wes Anderson movies to complete…

Anyway, the piece was created to give the idea of: interest and fascination in something most would find boring. Most people assume that no one reads about fluid mechanics or organic chemistry for fun. People assume that in-depth math and science is too dry for even those who are practiced scientists or engineers. But there are so many people who are passionate about science and math. For some people, math and science connects with them the way that an ink drawing never can.

People who read textbooks for interest’s sake exist! I find that because many of them may not be inclined towards the arts, their stories are never told to the masses. Anyway, this was my attempt to take something some may find boring – a resource, a text – and show the idea of engrossment and escapism even into this kind of a world. Scientists, engineers and mathematicians have hearts, too. And their fascinations are incredible.

Do you find something fascinating that no one else really gets? For me it was the arts and couture techniques and sculptural installations, in and around a world of engineers. Let me know in the comments below!

p.s. The title of this post is totally a 30 Rock reference. No bigs.

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